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Williamwood Yearbook Cover

Kingfisher Search & Selection Logo & Website

Kingfisher Search & Selection Logo & Website

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Characters Designs

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Stronvivo Logo and Branding

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Charing Cross Coffee Logo and Branding

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Adventure Poster

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Treasure Map Creator

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Lola & Livvys Business Cards

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Brambles Seafood and Grill Logo

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Koolkare Refrigeration Website

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HDC Brochure

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State of Flux Book Cover Design

Welcome Adventurers

I’m going to tell you a tale, a tale filled with adventure and peril at every corner.

With a Bachelor of Science in Graphics and Animation and a HNC in Interactive Multimedia Creation, I currently work as a Graphic Designer at The Homework Diary Company, based in Renfrewshire. Here I make shapes of all sizes and colours come alive designing Yearbooks, Prospectus Folders, Brochures, Diaries and the company marketing material.

Outside of that, my creativity also expands to include Logos, Posters, Brochures, Business Cards, Websites and the odd App. I also like to adventure out and do freelance work when I can.

Sometimes on my travels, I take Elfie along for the journey. She’s my wee Jack Russell and is not afraid of anything. I would tell you of the time she fought a dragon but we’d be here all day reminiscing. You came to see my portfolio after all.

So grab your best adventuring gear, suit up and explore my portfolio. Who knows what you might find. Thanks for stopping by and take care on your travels.

Get in Touch

Your tales of adventure

If you like what you see and want any work done, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Normally I’ll respond within a one day.

Your questions, comments, critiques and tales of adventure are also welcome.

Looking for more adventures? Find them here: GraphicRiver